Detoxify and jump-start your metabolism to get on a healthy wellness path

A detoxifying cleanse is the perfect way to rid your body of environmental and food toxins and to jump-start your metabolism and path to wellness. This 14-day cleanse from industry leader Designs for Health is not a liquid only program that leaves you hungry, miserable and energy deprived. In fact, the foundation of this cleanse is the healthy eating, protein enrichment and supplement regimen that comes along with it.

The protein packed shakes and supplement packs are enjoyed as two-meal replacement choices during the day (we recommend breakfast and dinner). A “normal” food meal or protein rich lunch and one to two snacks during the day keep you feeling satiated and motivated and also help balance nutrients in your body as toxins are being expelled out.

The right real foods are key to this cleanse (Dyneamic Nutrition will provide a list) and after a couple of days, a fitness routine is of utmost importance too.

Following the two-week plan, you will get back on a healthy eating design and maintain a fitness schedule.

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